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Sunday, December 27, 2009

hey loves

i'm moving!

the future underwoods have a new blog.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


officially, by this handsome boy.

i have been up since 4am out of PURE EXCITEMENT.

the story:

andy & i spent seperate christmas mornings with our families, then met up at his house at 12:15 (yes, on the dot so we'd make it by 1:00 for Christmas dinner at my house) for our own little christmas exchange.
He had told me earlier that he only had one present for me since the other one was on backorder and wouldn't come until mid-january.
To me this was no big deal so I told him that i'd love whatever he had and to just write me a letter. I LOVE LETTERS.
Well, he opened up all of his presents from me, and i opened all mine from his family, so the lone box was the one from andy... inside was... THE HOODIE I WANTED!!
Then he gets up ( well hobbled, he tore ligaments in his ankle playing basketball on Monday) and handed me this envelope. I open it up and it's the sweetest letter
but at the end he says, "I have one more surprise for you, go to my safe to see what it is"
So, we both walk over there and i open the door and there are pictures of us everywhere, and after his directions of how to get the safe open i opened it to find more pictures & a box with the most beautiful ring.

He grabbed the box and got down on one knee & asked me to marry him!
It was all so surreal and I was freaking out. Excited, scared, happy, shocked all in about 2.4 seconds.
He told me that he's had the ring for about a week and he just
couldn't wait any longer to give it to me.
Even though he was limited by crutches, he still got down on one knee & even lifted me up. What a stud. Once it set in, we were both extremely excited and couldn't wait to tell everyone.
We had gone ring shopping and talked about getting engaged,
but it is a whole different story when it actually happens!
Andy said the guy at Warner told him that
"even if she knows it's coming, it's always a surprise" and IT WAS!!
Andy's house is now the hot spot for engagements.
That makes TWO within a month.

When we got back to my house I walked in through the door and
flashed my ring and my mom screamed bloody murder.

We had family over for dinner and everyone came to see what all the commotion was about, and it just kept getting louder.
All of my family LOVES Andy & they were threatening to adopt him if we didnt get married!
Our Christmas dinner turned into an engagement party dinner of sorts, and truly felt like a celebration having all of my family together!

I seriously feel like the luckiest girl in the world,
although he tries to convince me that HE is the lucky one
[but we all know the truth, I SCORED]
It blows our mind to think about how we met and started dating,
we often say that we "fell out of the sky" & into each other's arms.
From BYU, to Ohio when we started our facebook turned texting turned phone chatting friendship, to fresno when we actually met, and both knew that
"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky"
Siddharta Guatama

i am one lucky girl, but i was quickly reminded while in my blissful oblivion
that i have lots of work to do!

Now onto the planning.
A major plus with a Christmas engagement is that you have lots of time
to plan while off from school!
These next couple of weeks are sure to be exciting.
Any tips, or finds would be great!
We want SIMPLE, an afternoon luncheon
aka. no 2000lbs of tulle decorating the church gym.
Also reception location ideas would be great as well!
No cultural halls need apply.
Does anybody have any honeymoon destination suggestions?
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

ps does this mean i need to switch to a MARRIED BLOG?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

feliz naviSTACHE

andy & i traveled south this weekend to orange for
the first annual


Frank won the shirt above for his amazing moustache.

moustaches + ghetto mexi attire/// native mexican atire = a feliz navistache party.

politically correct, no.

offensive? no.

there were many full blooded mexican descendants sporting gear.

fun? absolutely.

meet frank & tasia.
yes, his moustache is REAL.

they were nice enough to let us crash with them.
Andy & Frank played baseball together back in the days of Fresno State.

[unfortunately i don't have pics with the rest of the moustache supporters]

I chose to go authentic mexican mariachi dancer status

and andy was thhuuugg mexi.

i scored that awesome t-shirt at plato's closet along with a virgin mary necklace.

doesn't he look like channing tatum from behind in step up???

it was such a fun weekend and we topped it off by eating where andy fell in love with this summer while in newport beach:

"the ocean has crabs on its bottom"
suuccchhh a good weekend,

Friday, December 18, 2009

fa la la la la la...

um... straight A's feel good.

despite working 30 hrs+/wk

having the most wonderful boyfriend in the world, and wanting to spend every second with him.

i pulled it off.


the seemingly impossible.

this nursing school thing is REALLY going to happen.

now that final grades are in,


andy & i are celebrating by heading down to southern california,

visiting these two [andy's friend from baseball] & going to a mexican party.

red lipstick + handlebar mustaches are always recipes for success.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bulldogs vs cougars

On Saturday night Andy, Brian, Sergio & I went to the BYU vs Fresno State basketball game, along just about every LDS member in fresno county...

While attending BYU, I occasionally would go and cheer for my fellow cougars.
However, it was a welcome change attending a basketball game here:

notice the sunshine & palm trees?
that's how it's supposed to be...
rather than making a trip similar to this one just to get inside

Now that I'm home in Bulldog territory, I found myself rooting for FRESNO STATE.
gooo dogs : )
Does this make me a traitor?
Or does leaving BYU justify a loyalty change... ?
ps does anyone know of any BYU fans that are NOT MORMON?

Friday, December 11, 2009

vampires suck...


i dont understand the obsession with twilight,
someone enlighten me.
yes, i saw the movie.
yes, i read the books.
however, fantasy creatures do not translate into dreamy boyfriends.
personally, i'd rather date a walrus.

i mean honestly.
let's look at the cold hard evidence.

Exhibit A.
meet edward.
pasty, nasty disposition, wants to eat you, likes to watch you sleep, can't be in the sun & cold to cuddle with

Exhibit B
Meet Andy
nicest guy, fun, wants to feed you (not EAT), likes to fall asleep with you, loves to lay in the sun on the beach, warms you up by cuddling

Personally, exhibit B proves that reality is better than fantasy.
I'd hate to turn into one of these...

but like i said, enlighten me...
maybe im missing something?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

jill of all trades

if you know me... i have a tendency to acquire multiple jobs.
this summer happened to be four.
(coaching swim + nannying + nannying again + dental office)

However, with school this semester I've narrowed it down to two with an occasional three.

I have the best job.. well jobs in the world.
I spend MOST of my time as a nanny for the most adorable boy, Brennan.
Today we made edible play-doh.
(PB + honey + powdered sugar)
Isn't he just adorable?

When I'm not nannying, you will find me here:

I work at Bella Vita transferring all paper medical records to electronic ones with other college kids (all strangely enough Clovis West grads).
It is stimulating work, and I think Evan summed it up best yesterday by saying,
"What I love most about working here, is that everyday is something new. A new challenege. I never know what to expect."
I don't know if you can detect the slight hint of sarcasm there. haha
Needless to say, I LOVE the people there.
Although in 2 weeks I will be relieved of computer duties to deliver holiday goody baskets to medical offices in the valley. wahoooo. Nothing like bringing joy to offices : )

However, if you can't find me at the plastic surgery office, I am most likely wearing these:

yes, baby phat scrubs (in black) at dr. malan's office as his receptionist. ha
Again, LOVE the people. haha.
I love Tina's boyfriends porno tattoos.
Give Ashley boyfriend advice.
And Amy &everyone else in the office tries to convince me that dental hygiene is WAY better than nursing. haha
Somehow I manage to unintentionally make everyone laugh when I go in.

The other week blinds were being installed and the lady called and needed to speak to doctor.
So of course, I go over into his office and tell him "doctor, the blind lady is on the phone for you"
I swear he looked at me for like 10 seconds and then Ashley bursts up laughing...
Then I had to clarify, "no! she's not blind. hahaha. the blinds. window coverings"
He even cracked a little laugh, and dentists are hard to crack.

I can definitely see patterns in the progression of the jobs that I've had.
Here comes the timeline.

-abercrombie kids (ha!)
-the bread mill ( one of my favorites : )
-jamba juice ( If you ever want to know where all the crazies are in your town.. go here. That's where they are allll working. hahahahah ohmygosh. SO MUCH FUN! However, it is a hard job! )

-nannying for h.s. counsleor's girls
-swim america swim coach
-nanny for bricen + brielle
- nanny for gregory's

Nannies come and nannies go, but are never far away... They leave a lasting impression, its their attitudes that stay.
-nanny for brennan ( NOW )

The Medical Stage:
-Dr. Malan's office, dental receptionist
- Bella Vita/ Regional Hand Center

I feel like this last stage is going to stick : )
miss nurse lauren needs to hurry up already.

Monday, November 30, 2009

meet the family.

pictures are in...
sneak a peak.

momma, karen.
step-pops, roger
oldest sister, kristin
sister's hubby, clark
nephew, wyatt
little sister, kayla
little brother, logan

i'm not sure which one you'll be getting in the mail this year. . .
nicole madsen did an amazing job : )

Friday, November 27, 2009

california fall.

i think i'm in love.

i like this whole being home thing.

we headed out this afternoon and took family pictures.

it was literally raining leaves & absolutely picture perfect.

My sister Kristin & I snuck these few with my camera while the photographer was getting the


I was put in charge this year of the wardrobe styling, and I think they are going to turn out

smoking hot.

The orchard was behind the cutest little ranch home.
I WANT a mini-farm much like the one that they had.
[Put in a good word for santa for me ( : ]
The most friendly horse, billy goats and a handful of chickens.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

alternative forms of birth control
you might re-think ever having children.
case in point

i think i might be looking into genetic counseling.
on second thought, maybe one of these would be a better idea.

I'm adding it to my Christmas wish list.
On sale for only $34.97 at Wal-Mart


Baby Born needs your little girl to take good care of her. She'll love to feed her, give her water, change her diaper, and, when she is ready, place her on her potty.

Realistic Baby Features:

  • She "drinks"
  • She "pees"
  • She "eats"
  • She "poops"
  • She cries real tears
  • Moveable arms
  • Moveable legs
  • Her eyes close when she is laid on her back

  • Quite a STEAL considering a REAL child costs
    don't believe me?
    check it out here.